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The RD package


At Represent Design we pride ourselves on our interactive design experiences as we believe these are the future of design representation, however we understand that a design can only fully be visualised when combining all four of our services into one complete package. Each of our services show a chapter of a design, which when combined tells the full story!


Still Visuals


360 Viewer

We produce all 4 outputs as one 'RD' graphics Package'

Using the latest in visualisation & video gaming software we create a 3D digital environment of your designs from which we extract the multiple graphic mediums needed to fully showcase your architecture and spaces. 

With our interactive experiences you are immersed into the real time recreation of a space in which you can move and interact with aspects.

Using camera angles and focal points still visuals help direct viewers attention and build their understanding of a design.

Cinematic animations are one of the most effective ways to tell the story of a design through sight & sound.

Our 360 viewers allow an interactive perspective from key areas within or around a design.

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