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Using camera angles and focal points still visuals help direct viewers attention and build their understanding of a design. At Represent Design we build the environment that in turn allows us to extract stills from any angle and of any feature depending on our clients requirements. We extract (Render) from the digitally recreated spaces @ 4k resolution and then undertake final post processing to get the still visuals ready to view. 

'Still visuals are like a glimpse into future spaces helping them build in our imagination'


Community centre


Exterior visualisation showing community centre arrival. 

from pod.jpg

Floating transport hub

Exterior view showing proposed floating transport hub. 


Landscaped route

Visual showing sunken landscape path


Aerial leisure centre

Aerial view of leisure centre architecture, layout & landscape. 


Internal street

Interior view of public interior street concept. 


Bathroom Interior perspective

Perspective view of bathroom detailing and layout


Exterior facade

Exterior view of building facade and form


Bathroom shower space

Interior view of bath and shower space.

Represent Design's  view!

Still images are a great way direct viewers attention to key elements of a design or space. Through lighting and camera focal point still visuals help dictate how we imagine the whole design. It leaves the rest of the space to the imagination which is often not a bad thing.  

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