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Represent Design  provides architecture & design clients with graphics that truly allow users to understand the experience of a space. We work hard to be industry leading when it comes to quality & value for money.

Jed Cracknell - Studio Lead

Having been brought up in Dubai, UAE I have always had an interest in design, architecture and business. Dubai has a reputation for pushing the boundaries of what is considered innovative and new and I like to think this is what we are doing here at Represent Design. I began learning the latest video gaming and arch-viz software's whilst studying at university and was immediately hooked. The skills I learnt led to me developing a new process for building my designs digitally and then representing them in multiple ways quickly and effectively. I continued to develop this process and in turn it became the backbone of  'Represent Design' where the ultimate goal is to create innovative graphics that give a glimpse into the experience of future spaces.


Alessio Spiga - Studio Management

After completing a business degree in the UK I was looking forward to starting in the working world. Having worked for a couple of large business in the UAE I moved on to help develop Represent design in the Middle east and Europe. I am very excited to develop our relations with both clients and the leading software developers in the Industry as both are fundamental to our businesses success. We try to stick as closely as we can to the latest advances in software and techniques related to architecture and design representation. We believe that this will help with our goal to provide some of the most innovative and engaging graphic representation available today. 




We would love to hear what representation work we could help with. 


Design Representation:

  • Project Brief

  • Any existing visuals or diagrams (2D & 3D)

  • Amount and type of work representation required (Still Images, Diagrams, Animations, etc.)

  • Time Frame

Property Marketing:

  • Type and number of visuals needed (3D floorplan, Full 3D property model)

  • Existing floorplans*

  • Any existing Images, visuals or diagrams (2D & 3D)

  • Time Frame

Success! Message received.

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