Represent Design  provides architecture & design clients with graphics that truly allow users to understand the experience of a space. We work hard to be industry leading when it comes to quality & value for money.

Jed Cracknell - Design Professional

I have just finished a masters degree in architecture at the Oxford school of architecture where I was fortunate enough to win a design award that was partly due to my design representation. Having been brought up in Dubai, UAE I have always had an interest in design, architecture and business. I have always felt design representation is one of the most influential aspects of architectural design both before and after it is completed. These can affect both design clients and potential property buyers alike.  Due to this I set up 'Represent Design' with the ultimate goal to help the design and property industries to showcase architecture and the experiences this architecture creates for users. 

3D Modelling:

All design representation is a product of a complete and detailed 3D Model. This is something I completely understand  and have done for a number of years. This understanding let to me sitting and  completing an extensive Autodesk Revit course in 2015. After that I worked for HOK in London, a company with a primary focus on Revit pushing myself to develop skills in this programe and other 3D design programmes. Whether you are representing a new project proposal or an existing structure that is up for sale/rent a good 3D model will help clients really understand the design and how it will make them feel.

Alessio Spiga - Business Coordinator



We would love to hear what representation work we could help with. 


Design Representation:

  • Project Brief

  • Any existing visuals or diagrams (2D & 3D)

  • Amount and type of work representation required (Still Images, Diagrams, Animations, etc.)

  • Time Frame

Property Marketing:

  • Type and number of visuals needed (3D floorplan, Full 3D property model)

  • Existing floorplans*

  • Any existing Images, visuals or diagrams (2D & 3D)

  • Time Frame

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