With our interactive experiences you are immersed into a realtime recreation of a space. These graphics allow users to move freely through a space looking where they please and getting a real understanding of how a property feels. We offer interactive features so that users can adapt the space and see how it would feel with different architectural features, furniture, materials & more. 

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Interactive furniture

Adaptable furniture can be programmed into the experience wherever needed. 

Interactive materials

Change materials of key furniture to help get a better understanding of how the space could feel.

Interactive floors & walls

Further adaptable elements include the option to change floor/decking styles as well as wall colours and patterns. 

Fully adaptable room designs

As shown here it is also possible to adapt whole room interiors to completely change the feel of the spaces. 

Represent Design's  view!

3D interactive animations are the pinnacle of design & property visualisations. They allow users to concentrate on and experience properties & design as they please. With the option to interact and change features this tool truly provides a full experience of what a place would feel like. 

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