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This showcase project is a digital recreation of a large duplex apartment in the middle east. The video below and supporting images are from the interactive experience that was developed for this option and show the detail, size and quality of the digitally recreated space. This particular client wanted the option to show multiple furniture layouts and finishes so we coded this into the digital space so that we could show these changes in the interactive experience as well as the other graphics we extracted from the scene. From this digital recreation we also extracted and developed the three other services we offer, Still images, Cinematic Animations, and 360 degree views.

'The interactive experience is shown below for this digitally recreated space.

See our services to view the other graphics extracted for this project and more'

*Note - This is not a rendered animation, and is instead a recording of someone using their computer to explore the digitally recreated space. For our cinematic animations see here!


it yourself

Download for win

Download for Mac

Interactive furniture

Adaptable furniture can be programmed into the experience wherever needed. 

Interactive materials

Change materials of key furniture to help get a better understanding of how the space could feel.

Interactive floors & walls

Further adaptable elements include the option to change floor/decking styles as well as wall colours and patterns. 

Fully adaptable room designs

As shown here it is also possible to adapt whole room interiors to completely change the feel of the spaces. 

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