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This showcase project is a digital recreation of two different bathroom interior design options. The video below and supporting images are from the interactive experience that was developed for this option and show the detail and quality of the digitally recreated space. From this digital recreation we also extracted and developed the three other services we offer, Still images, Cinematic Animations, and 360 degree images.

'The interactive experience is shown below for this digitally recreated space.

See our services to view the other graphics extracted for this project and more'

*Note - This is not a rendered animation, and is instead a recording of someone using their computer to explore the digitally recreated space. For our cinematic animations see here!

Multiple design options

This developed digital recreation included two different interior design options.

HighresScreenshot00000 copy.jpg

Showcase Project 

(Interior design option 1)

The first layout shows a more open bathroom design that allows movement and views through to the bedroom space. 

HighresScreenshot00002 copy.jpg

Showcase Project 

(Interior design option 2)

The second layout shows a more closed off traditional bathroom design. 

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