With our interactive interior experiences you are immersed into a realtime recreation of a space. These graphics allow users to move freely through a space looking where they please and getting a real understanding of how a property feels. We offer interactive features so that users can adapt the space and see how it would feel with different architectural features, furniture, materials & more. 

'Freely move through and experience design & places'

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Multiple design options

This interactive experience showcases two different interior design options at the click of a button. 

Showcase Project 

(Interior design option 1)

The first layout shows a more open bathroom design that allows movement and views through to the bedroom space. 

Showcase Project 

(Interior design option 2)

The second layout shows a more closed off traditional bathroom design. 

Represent Design's  view!

3D interactive animations are the pinnacle of design & property visualisations. They allow users to concentrate on and experience properties & design as they please. With the option to interact and change features this tool truly provides a full experience of what a place would feel like. 

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